San Francisco based artist. BA in Illustration. Born in Russia, lives in America, fancies Japan. Loves drawing portraits and science fiction. Available to do editorial illustration, storyboards, posters, concept art, album covers, t-shirt designs—anything creative!

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2012 Spera: Glass Flowers

Spera: Glass Flowers, Part 4

Revisiting the extraordinary world of Spera! In this collaboration, I ventured into Josh Tierney’s ongoing online arc, Glass Flowers. Part 4 reveals the eerie side of an initially pleasant cruise ship the Spera gang hopped on.
2010 Spera: A Home-Spooked Meal

Spera: A Home-Spooked Meal

My contribution to the amazing Spera. “Written and created by Josh Tierney, Spera is a collaboration between artists from around the world, illustrated and told in consecutive sections that incorporate character designs by Sarah Ferrick and Afu Chan. These sections form a tapestry of artistic styles and storytelling methods, turning the world of Spera into a poetic, surprising and wholly unique realm.” My bit (written by Marisa Williams) involved the characters cooking supper in a haunted cottage with their new friend, Chobo, the warrior tabby.
2010 Two Threads Holding

Two Threads Holding

An unfinished comic about dreams. Hugely inspired by the movie, Inception. It features my yakuza character drifting through a dreamscape filled with themes common to my own REM cycles. No plot—which is probably why this project deflated after 4 pages. Lesson learned!
2005 Heir: a fable

Heir: a fable

Key frames for a short animation. The project did not come to fruition, but I am pleased with the attempt. The plot was based on a dream. Briefly: an infant heir is seized from his cradle and brought to the dark kingdom to be raised and trained according to their edicts. He accepts this until his teens, whereupon the urge to return home carries him across the fields, to the light kingdom. While greeted with open arms, he soon finds that he no longer belongs—too dark for the light kingdom and too light for the dark kingdom. Realizing this, the heir descends into the valley in between to wander forever on his own.
2005 Sinsation: Gundam Wing fan comic

Sinsation: Gundam Wing fan comic

Ancient stuff. I was hugely involved in the Mobile Suit Gundam Wing (anime from the 90s) fandom for a decade and this is one of the things that emerged from it. It’s juvenile, angsty, and adorable all these years later.