San Francisco based artist. BA in Illustration. Born in Russia, lives in America, fancies Japan. Loves drawing portraits and science fiction. Available to do editorial illustration, storyboards, posters, concept art, album covers, t-shirt designs—anything creative!

Email or call 952-314-8607 for details. buy prints online
hi Irina

december 23, 2013

Lots of new stuff in the illustration section: three sci-fi landscapes and two posters for Fleet Hackers, a video game in development. Oh and my sketches are turning sci-fi too.

november 12, 2013

I was featured in illustrator James O’Brien’s delightful publication, Illozine: Issue 6. Copies are available at the Light Grey Art Lab among other places. Here is my copy!

november 7, 2013

Website design change! It’s been almost a year. A different look was due. Enjoy!

november 3, 2013

As of today, Paper Affinity has been online for 9 years. I remember making it as a fun little side project. Then, in 2010, I focused more strongly on art and groomed it into a formal portfolio. Here is where it’s at now: 206 illustrations, 22 storyboard sets, 95 sketches (not much from the sketch box makes it), 14 animations, 5 comics, 17 website designs. And that’s not counting all the concept art I’ve hidden away! The illustrations average out to 23 per year, with these color palettes. Turns out I really like purple. Interesting, huh?

october 18, 2013

Another illustration is up along with a gift from the lovely Michelle Silva. Also, sketches from the years 2007 to 2010 have been retired as they looked very dated.

september 15, 2013

Four new illustrations are up! They’re part of this year’s recurring theme: tiny figures in sci-fi environments. Some of these are available as prints at my Society6 shop.

july 10, 2013

My poster for director Jason Ho’s Star Case short film spot, Harlock, will be displayed at Comic Con next week along with the film! You can watch the film here!

june 7, 2013

Storyboards for a new Star Case short are up along with another project in the private section. Also, minor website design change to liven things up.

march 17, 2013

Added more sketches and four storyboard sets for 3M’s Scotch-Brite brand. And tweaked website colors again.

february 22, 2013

Made small website changes (link colors, photo) and scanned in a couple of this year’s sketches.

february 7, 2013

There are quite a few 2013 illustrations along with a preemptive Valentine’s animation. I’m not keen on announcing every new piece, so you’re welcome to follow my art Tumblr for regular updates.

december 22, 2012

I’ve revisited Josh Tierney’s extraordinary world of Spera in a new collaboration called Glass Flowers. I drew Part 4. Read it on the Spera website!